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1. Explore our Teams

We're a BIG lab with lots of different teams doing uniquely cool things. Navigate to our teams page to discover what we do.

We recommend choosing and applying for several different teams (max 2), as different teams may be looking to onboard more or fewer new Trellians this semester.

2. Apply to Teams

Business applications are done on a rolling basis, meaning that there is no hard deadline. Apply whenever you're ready!

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4. Interview with Teams

Wow! We loved your application and want to talk more with you. We'll send you an email and schedule a time that works for you. Come as you are, we want to know the real you.





Licensing is available for international students

Contact us via email for more information.

This opportunity is unpaid.

If we could pay all couple hundred of our lab members, we would.

Passion trumps talent, mindset is key.

A resume is optional and experience is not required.

You must be 18 or older to join the lab.

We look forward to your application and hope to speak to you soon!