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Engineer Positions

  • Avionics Guidance, Navigation, and Control
    • This role will work closely with VectorNav IMU hardware and software, conducting tests to collect data and characterize the IMU's performance as well as researching and implementing data filtration algorithms to process data output from the IMU. This data filtration will later be integrated with the navigation algorithm in Simulink.

    • This role will work on the 6-Degree-of-Freedom (6DOF) flight model in NASA's Trick Simulation Environment. Possible tasks include: writing models in C++ code for use in the Trick sim, verifying the Trick sim against the Simulink 6DOF.

    • This role will work on developing control algorithms within the Simulink 6-Degree-of-Freedom (6DOF) flight model. Possible tasks include: creating mapping algorithms to actuate fins/TVC, creating models to estimate values like mass & inertia during flight sim.

  • Avionics Hardware
    • This person's job is to work on continually updating the wiring harness designs to be most up to date with any changes made by other subteams. Once harnesses are ordered they will proceed with testing and verifying the designs.

    • This person's job is to work on converter PCB boards which will connect from the ground power supply to the onboard battery packs along with the rest of the rocket. Someone with PCB design experience is preferred.

  • Avionics Software
    • This position involves writing software for the Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) system in order to create mission and vehicle simulations for testing the rocket's flight computer. It will involve working with Veristand, LabView, and C/C++ code. Potential projects: nominal/off-nominal mission modeling, engine modeling, HIL infrastructure, HIL test suite development

    • This position involves writing software for the Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) system in order to create simulations of the vehicle's fluid systems (propellant feed, RCS, etc). It will involve working with Veristand, LabView, and C/C++ code.

    • This position involves writing software to enable the control of fluids devices on the vehicle. It will involve working with Python and C++ code. A majority of this project will be taking a formatted version of the fluids devices' intended operations and converting it into compatible C++ code.

  • COPV Test
    • This person will write test goals/requirements/sequences for our COPV tests. Involves research on prior test plans and COPV testing as a whole. Constant communication with the structures team is key. Softwares used will primarily be microsoft word and excel. Member will be expected to come to two workdays a week, collaborate with team members, and attend our burst test at Firefly's test site. Good writing, research, and communication skills are important.

    • This person will research and procure sensors for our test stand. Sensors include but are not limited to potentiometers, pressure transducers, and strain gauges. You will be tasked with projects related to sensor assembly, calibration, and testing, as well as wiring and electronics risk assessment. Softwares used include NI MAX, Microsoft Word, and Excel.

  • Engine Test (Hotfire)
    • This position will entail working on the various parts of the engine hotfire test stand: building fluid lines, electrical harness manufacturing, debugging sensors and valves as well as helping run various testing campaigns. Critical thinking, patience, and communication are all desirable skills. 90% of the work will take place at our Briggs test site.

    • This position will entail learning and developing Labview for the engine hotfire test stand. This will include writing and making changes to the code as changes are made to the stand as well as updating the UI. This position will also entail assisting in the testing campaign through data analysis and running the console. Prior programming experience is not required, only a strong desire to learn and take on a challenging project.

  • Fins
    • This person will assist the Manufacturing RE in conducting proper manufacturing campaigns. They will also help in the development of documentation and reviews to expedite the manufacturing process.

  • Fluids
    • This position will be focused on assisting the fluids team in subsystem integration. Strong communication, research, and math skills are used in this position. An interest in learning CAD and Fluids simulation software is also needed.

  • Fluids Component Test
    • This person will Develop and improve LabVIEW code for component testing. This would involve ensuring that the code is up to date with any changes to electronics and/or fluid components, as well as making sure the front panel (the user interface) remains readable and easy to use. Prior programming experience would be helpful but is most definitely NOT a requirement. Good analytical and organizational skills are important.

  • Operations and Project Management
    • This person will spend half of their time maintaining the integrated master schedule and half of their time on general operations and process improvements. This position offers the freedom for the member to make process improvements where they see areas for growth. This position is ideal for someone who is a self-starter, passionate for operational optimization, and has an intuition about how people will interact with an administrative system. This position builds skills for people who want to be CEOs, COOs, and project managers.


  • Payload
    • In this position, you will be developing our flight computer’s software. This individual would develop the software from block coding to complete code and move to Hardware-in-the-Loop testing. The individual would work closely with Payload Avionics Hardware (PAvHw) to ensure proper implementation of code with our existing sensor suite. Additionally, communication and integration with Payload Structures is required to properly implement the Payload ejection mechanism with the flight computer. No hard background in software is required.

    • This individual would be testing and prototyping for our recovery team. This role involves developing test plans and hands-on prototyping for our recovery system. They will be defining goals and requirements, designing test stands, creating test FMEAs and BOMs, and working hands-on with prototyping components. No background in test engineering is required. Interest in testing and hands-on work is desired.

  • Production
    • This individual will work with multiple design and test teams to validate and manufacture various machine components. They will attend weekly build days to learn how to operate machine equipment such as mills, lathes, and band saws in order to help manufacture parts.

  • Propulsion
    • This position will be utilized to aid in the manufacturing and assembly of TXE-2. These members will be taught the basics of machining and how to build an assembly stand. Members will be required to work with other members on the propulsion team and within the lab. Members will be required to attend propulsion weekly updates as well as participate in projects assigned by their RE.

  • Recovery
    • These members would continue to design the separation system of the rocket. They would work on design reviews, requirements, constraints, and modeling of the system in order to finalize the design.

    • This person would be working on designing and obtaining results from ablative tests. This person would also be involved in CFD simulations. These tasks go hand-in-hand and so work each week would depend on necessary next steps.

    • This person would be designing and testing fiberglass layup methods on scaled nosecone mold prototypes. This person would design and be involved in the manufacturing process of these scaled nosecone mold prototypes. If time allows, this person would also be involved in designing structural tests for the nosecone. This person should be cooperating with the structures team throughout the semester.

    • In this position, the person will be responsible for the design and testing of electronics for the entire recovery system. You will be in charge of the design and testing of enclosure boxes for the protection of said electronic. SOLIDWORKS will be also used in this role. Further, you will assist with the documentation of test plans and work towards preparing for those tests.

    • This member will interface with airframe (structures), deployment (recovery), and Firefly test engineers to prepare for the baseplate static qualification and acceptance testing. They will use SOLIDWORKS to update CADs, drawings, and simulations, and relay those updates to vendors. Most importantly, they will set up and facilitate the physical test! Since the baseplate is near completion, after spending the first part of the semester working on baseplate, the second part will include a transition to focusing on the drop test, which will qualify that the recovery system’s sequence of events/deployments will occur properly. In this role, they will design a stand which can release the test article from the helicopter, communicate with pilots and locations to determine how to safely drop the test article, and collaborate with a variety of sub-teams to create a representative integrated recovery system.

  • Structures
    • This position will involve manufacturing the skirts and couplers used for the body of the rocket, using carbon fiber composite methods to do so. Additionally, this position will be responsible for assessing each finished skirt and identifying ways to improve the manufacturing process, and may be asked to assist with testing completed skirts for strength.

    • This position will involve manufacturing, assembly, and testing the truss and adjustment mechanisms of the ground structure and helping to progress manufacturing of the system. Familiarity with Solidworks and the courses Statics and Solids will be beneficial. Additionally, this position will have full design ownership of the concrete baseplate for launch and stage test stands.

    • This position will involve designing, prototyping, and manufacturing brackets that will hold the fluid lines between different parts of the rocket. Being familiar and comfortable with CAD modeling is critical for this position as much of the work will begin with limited information that the whole design will be oriented around. This position will likely include close work with the airframe subteam as the brackets are equipped to the skirts (and the methodology behind that) as well as other works within physical integration that will mostly revolve around transferring CAD models into real world objects.

  • Weather Balloon
    • You’ll be working on software development for line cutter integration to the weather balloon using a Raspberry Pi. Coding and/or circuitry experience preferred with an emphasis for Python experience in addition to strong reliability and communication skills. Weather balloon launches include a fair amount of outdoor activities, including hiking. Other responsibilities include participation in weather balloon launches, weekly meeting attendance, and individual research/development.

B-Team Positions

  • Finance and Strategy
    • The procurement manager is responsible for tracking orders and ensuring the procurement chain is being followed. You will act as the contact between business and engineering teams regarding procurement and ensure our procurement platform is up to date and working properly so orders can be placed. You will also act as the point of contact between vendors and the lab as necessary.

    • In this position you will be focusing on planning and budgeting, performance reporting, and forecasting and modeling spending rates and burnout. You will be responsible for tracking expenses to ensure no overspending and building in-depth quarterly reports to be presented on our financial activity.

    • The grant writer completes outlines and rough drafts of proposals (and transmittals) which will include executive summaries, organization credentials, and conclusions. You will meet deadline(s) by setting target dates for collecting information, finalizing rough drafts for proposals and transmittals (cover letters), beginning/ending reviews, and transitioning to the approval process

  • Corporate Development
    • The corporate relations specialist looks at sourcing companies, organizations, and institutions for prospective partnerships, sponsorship, and grants. You will be responsible for sourcing, managing, and closing partnership deals for the lab as well as working with the communications team to ensure all external business operations and relations are in order.

    • This position is responsible for building and maintaining a CRM database for all corporate relations and business activities. You will be collecting, sorting, and analyzing data to come up with business strategies to improve business operations.


  • Communications
    • The technical writer will be writing regular internal newsletters to update the lab on progress. You will also be writing external newsletters to update our sponsors and the public on lab progress. You will be responsible for gathering information from all teams constantly throughout the semester and regularly compile and sort this data.

    • This position is responsible for writing and publishing press releases for partners, as well as sourcing and writing for news outlets and publications. The public affairs specialist will work with the technical writers to ensure all public affairs are in order.

    • You will be responsible for updating our social media pages regularly with content from the lab. You will be required to come up with ideas to increase publicity and engagement with TREL online. You will also attend workdays with engineers or when necessary to get visual content.

    • You will help code pages and components of the TREL website using the Next.js framework. You will learn front-end web development skills such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

      Desired Skills:
      Figma Adobe XD web design UI/UX

    • You will help design webpages and features of the TREL website. As your position largely requires you to harness the power of vector illustration software such as Figma or Adobe Illustrator, you will also learn aspects of UI / UX design.

      Desired Skills:
      Javascript CSS HTML ReactJS Next.js Visual Studio Code

  • Diversity and Inclusion
    • As one of the most important members in the lab you will conduct interviews with members to understand thoughts and opinions in the lab. You will be responsible for promoting diversity through outreach initiatives and act as a representative for members to come to with concerns relating to D&I. You will build and give presentations to increase member understanding of the importance of D&I in TREL and life.

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